1. General options:
  2.   -maxsubmiterrors      Stop the miner when a number of consecutive submit errors occured.
  3.                         Default is 10 consecutive errors.
  4.                         This is usefull when mining into local wallet.
  5.   -extrapayload         An extra payload to be added when submiting solution to local wallet.
  6.   -apiport              Tcp port of the remote api.
  7.                         Default port is 7111.
  8.                         Set to 0 to disable server
  9.   -worktimeout          No new work timeout. Default is 60 seconds
  10.   -displayspeedtimeout  Display mining speeds every x seconds.
  11.                         Default is 10
  12.   -logfilename          Set the name of the log's filename.
  13.                         Note: the log file will be overwritten every time you start rhminer
  14.   -configfile           Xml config file containing all config options.
  15.                         All other command line options are ignored if config file given.
  16.   -processpriority      On windows only. Set miner's process priority.
  17.                         0=Background Process, 1=Low Priority, 2=Normal Priority, 3=High Priority.
  18.                         Default is 3.
  19.                         WARNING: Changing this value will affect GPU mining.
  20.   -v                    Log verbosity. From 0 to 3.
  21.                         0 no log, 1 normal log, 2 include warnings. 3 network and silent logs.
  22.                         Default is 1
  23.   -list                 List all gpu in the system
  24.   -completelist         Exhaustive list of all devices in the system
  25.   -diff                 Set local difficulyu. ex: -diff 999
  26.   -processorsaffinity   On windows only. Force miner to only run on selected logical core processors.
  27.                         ex: -processorsaffinity 0,3 will make the miner run only on logical core #0 and #3.
  28.                         WARNING: Changing this value will affect GPU mining.
  29.   -h                    Display Help
  30.   -help                 Display Help
  31.   -?                    Display Help

  32. Optimizations options:
  33.   -memoryboost          This option will enable some memory optimizations that could make the miner slower on some cpu.
  34.                         Test it with -testperformance before using it.
  35.                         1 to enable boost. 0 to disable boost.
  36.                         Enabled, by default, on cpu with hyperthreading.
  37.   -sseboost             This option will enable some sse4 optimizations.
  38.                         It could make the miner slower on some cpu.
  39.                         Test it with -testperformance before using it.
  40.                         1 to enable SSe4.1 optimizations. 0 to disable.
  41.                         Disabled by default.

  42. Gpu options:
  43.   -cpu                  Enable the use of CPU to mine.
  44.                         ex '-cpu -cputhreads 4' will enable mining on cpu while gpu mining.
  45.   -cputhreads           Number of CPU miner threads when mining with CPU. ex: -cpu -cputhreads 4.
  46.                         NOTE: adding + before thread count will disable the maximum thread count safety of one thread per core/hyperthread.
  47.                         Use this at your own risk.

  48. Network options:
  49.   -dar                  Disable auto-reconnect on connection lost.
  50.                         Note : The miner will exit uppon loosing connection.
  51.   -s                    Stratum/wallet server address:port.
  52.                         NOTE: You can also use http://address to connect to local wallet.
  53.   -su                   Stratum user
  54.   -pw                   Stratum password
  55.   -fo                   Failover address:port for stratum or local wallet
  56.   -fou                  Failover user for stratum of a local wallet
  57.   -fop                  Failover password for stratum or local wallet
  58.   -r                    Retries connection count for stratum or local wallet

  59. Debug options:
  60.   -forcesequentialnonce (For debugging purpose) Force search nonce to be sequential, starting at 0.
  61.                         WARNING: This will gerate alot of uncle and refused solutions.
  62.   -disablecachednoncereuse (For debugging purpose) Disable RandomHash cached nonce reuse.
  63.                         This will lower hashrate substantially.
  64.   -testperformance      Run performance test for an amount of seconds.
  65.   -testperformancethreads Amount of threads to use for performance test.


  1. rhminer.exe -v 2 -r 20 -s stratum+tcp://pasc.f2pool.com:15555 -su wallet_address.payload.worker_name -cpu -cputhreads 1

-s 为矿池地址,这里填写F2Pool鱼池的PASC矿池地址:stratum+tcp://pasc.f2pool.com:15555
-su 为您的PASC钱包地址和矿工号信息,如果您的钱包地址中包涵payload信息,使用英文句号“.”隔开,放在钱包地址和矿工号之间,示例:93417-85.616E73656E6C6565.001
-cputhreads 为您设置的挖矿线程数,这个参数根据CPU的实际情况而定,如果您的电脑配置较高,比如为4核8线程的CPU,这里的线程数可以设置为 6,提高CPU的利用率。


  1. Solo mining examples:

  2. For Test net solo mining :  rhminer.exe -v 2 -r 20 -s -cpu -cputhreads 1 -gpu 0 -gputhreads 100 -extrapayload HelloWorld
  3. For Main net solo mining :  rhminer.exe -v 2 -r 20 -s -cpu -cputhreads 1 -gpu 0 -gputhreads 100 -extrapayload HelloWorld

  4. 注意:如果你没有gpu,请删除-gpu 0 -gputhreads 100


  1. hminer.exe -v 2 -r 20 -s stratum+tcp://pasc.f2pool.com:15555 -su 293417-85.616E73656E6C6565.001 -gpu 0,1,2,3,4,5 -gputhreads 400,512,512,512,210,512

-s 为矿池地址,这里填写F2Pool鱼池的PASC矿池地址:stratum+tcp://pasc.f2pool.com:15555
-su 为您的PASC钱包地址和矿工号信息,如果您的钱包地址中包涵payload信息,使用英文句号“.”隔开,放在钱包地址和矿工号之间,示例:93417-85.616E73656E6C6565.001
-gpu 为您指定的需要挖矿的显卡,如果您有多张显卡,可以通过这个参数,指定特定显卡进行挖矿。比如,矿机有6张显卡,全部挖矿,则参数设置为:-gpu 0,1,2,3,4,5  ;如果想要第二张显卡不挖矿,则参数设置为:-gpu 0,2,3,4,5。
-gputhreads  为您的显卡线程数,这个参数需要依据显卡性能来进行配置。可通过显卡的内存,先预先计算一个大概的数值,有个公式可参考:-gputhreads参数=内存值*0.75/8.8。举个例子:如果您在使用1070 8G的显卡,显卡显存为8000,这个数值应为:8000×0.75÷8.8=681,那这张显卡对应的线程数可以先填写681。依次类推,给矿机的每张显卡配置适当的线程数。如果运行挖矿后,程序稳定运行,可以适当在原来的线程数上下进行调整,保证程序不崩溃的前提下,获取最大的挖矿算力。



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