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T-Rex 0.11.1更新日志:
Significant x25x speed increase
New features:

Use environment variables in config files
Use %YOUR_ENV_VAR% in any config file field and it will substitute it with the value of YOUR_ENV_VAR environment variable set in your system
Bug fixes:

Temperature limit bug (GPU got disabled if there was problems with NVML)
P2pool fix #23
Show NVML errors and unsupported features
Truncate MTP share log message when using --protocol-dump
Fix start-up failure in some cases for CUDA 9.1 builds

T-Rex 0.11.1官方原版下载连接:
t-rex-0.11.1-linux-cuda10.0.tar.gz  软件大小:8.56 MB
t-rex-0.11.1-linux-cuda9.1.tar.gz  软件大小:8.22 MB
t-rex-0.11.1-linux-cuda9.2.tar.gz  软件大小:8.15 MB
t-rex-0.11.1-win-cuda10.0.zip  软件大小:11.1 MB
t-rex-0.11.1-win-cuda9.1.zip  软件大小:10.8 MB
t-rex-0.11.1-win-cuda9.2.zip  软件大小:10.7 MB
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