ECIP-1043– Fixed DAG limit restriction


正如ECIP最初讨论的那样 – ?限制DAG增长#6 ; 不断增加的DAG最终将达到GPU内存总线速度的硬限制,并迫使GPU变得过时并不会提高安全性。相反,更小的DAG尺寸允许更多GPU的挖掘能力,同时为业余爱好者提供较低的初始进入成本。


The original intent of the DAG was to provide ASIC resistance to the mining protocol in order to prevent centralization of mining distributions and thereby provide for an objectively fair distribution of tokens. As evident by ASICs being developed that are capable of matching current GPU miners while being more energy efficient, the DAG has failed at its task and now only serves as a deterrent to broader investment in application specific hardware by competent distributors. Because of this, the increasing DAG has began to have negative impact on long term security and acts as an anti-competitive bug preventing large scale investment in mining development .

As originally discussed in ECIP-? Limit DAG growth #6; a constantly increasing DAG will eventually reach a hard limit of bus speed on GPU memory and forcing GPU’s into obsolesce does not provide an increase in security. To the contrary, smaller DAG sizes allow more GPU’s the ability to mine while providing a lowered initial entry cost to hobbyist miners.

A 5 year vision of the mining landscape would see a transition from general purpose GPU mining to a broader market of application specific hardware being built by current and supported by a diverse group of manufactures similar to the current GPU market.




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